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RFW and RSA-WI Agree to Merge

May 4, 2017
Madison, WI

Today, Rehabilitation for Wisconsin (RFW) and the Residential Services Association of Wisconsin (RSA) entered into an agreement in principle (Merger Agreement) to become the unified voice for disability providers in the State of Wisconsin.

Ten years of significant changes to state and federal disability laws have underscored the benefit of harnessing the energy and power of RFW and RSA into a single entity. Together, the soon to be renamed RFW and RSA have more than 100 years of experience advocating for disability policies that help people with disabilities live, work, and thrive—in both the setting and with the people that best meet each individual’s life goals.

In response to the vast array of sometimes conflicting state and federal laws, regulations, and guidance, the merged RFW and RSA will be positioned to articulate a comprehensive message in support of providers’ continuing efforts to advance the interests of people with disabilities in Wisconsin. RFW and RSA are the experts on disability services in Wisconsin and today’s agreement will permit the combined entity to advocate for providers regardless of setting and to advocate for the whole person to ensure that Wisconsin remains the national leader in quality disability services.

Prior to entering into the Merger Agreement, RFW and RSA formed a Merger Integration Committee that will manage the legal and operational changes required to complete the merger. The Committee has authorized the hiring of a Communications Consultant who will be reaching out to interested stakeholders to participate in focus groups to assist in fulfilling the goals of the Merger.

In June, RFW and RSA will host the first combined meeting of their respective member organizations. RFW and RSA expect the merger to be finalized within 90 days, with a target closing date of August 1, 2017.

For further information, please contact:

Lincoln Burr
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