Opportunities Inc., which has provided social and employment services for people of diverse abilities for the past five decades, celebrated its 50th anniversary Friday with a ceremony and luncheon at the Jefferson County Fair Park.

Keynoting the event was Wisconsin’s Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch. On top of talking about the importance of Opportunities and programs like it, Kleefisch presented the nonprofit agency with a proclamation from Gov. Scott Walker honoring Opportunities’ contributions during the past half-century.

The gathering also marked National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month, with the message of inclusion driving innovation. The national campaign aims to raise awareness of how employing people with disabilities/various abilities can be a win-win for both industry and the individual employees.

Barb LeDuc, president and CEO of Opportunities, welcomed attendees and recognized those who helped to establish Opportunities five decades ago. Among those in the audience were Susie Waterman, a member of the Opportunities team and the daughter of one of the mothers who founded what was then a “sheltered workplace” 50 years ago.

Also present was Spence Jensen, longtime former CEO of Opportunities, who played a key role in the organization’s growth and success and, though retired, continues to support its mission. In addition, several past and present board members for Opportunities were on hand.



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It's a "brand" new day at Riverfront, Inc.! Today we revealed a new brand, new name and new identity.

Riverfront Inc. will be switching to the new name of Aptiv in December.

Aptiv — a positive blend of the words aptitude, active, live and adaptive — is a created word, drawn from the ideas of natural ability, adaptability, energy, engagement, and exciting and fulfilling life. It's catchy, simple and concise. Aptiv is also unique.

The name Aptiv was developed because of the work we do every day provides people with disabilities the opportunity to:

· Showcase their aptitude for learning new skills
· Better-engage and play a more-active role in their community
· Live a more-meaningful and fulfilling life
· Find adaptive options that help them succeed in their goals.

The purpose of this new brand, new name and new identity is to better reflect that we serve people, that we are a vibrant organization with diverse services, and that we are able to serve a diverse group of people — youth ages 3-18 and adults — with any type of disability.

The new brand strategy focuses Aptiv’s service offerings under the three areas of live, learn and work.


ab 146 signing

This week Governor Walker signed into law a bill, AB 146, allowing dental hygienists to provide services outside of dental offices in order that underserved populations have access to basic preventative dental care. These individuals may reside in long-term care, skilled nursing facilities and community based residential facilities (CBRFs). Dental hygienists are also able to provide care in hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, adult day care centers, prisons and non-profit dental programs. This is a wonderful bill that passed unanimously with bi-partisan support and the support of leading health organizations.

Please see Representative Bernier’s press release on her website.

Assembly Joint Resolution 51

Below are links to videos that were recorded on June 14th, 2017 as AJR 51 was voted on in the Assembly and Senate.

Thanks to all who helped support this important resolution, the passing of which shows the power of grassroots advocacy.

We were pleased to be present at Valley Packaging Industries (VPI) as Senate President Roger Roth (R – Appleton) presented Bob Russo with a legislative citation honoring his thirty years of dedicated services to VPI.

bob russo