ACCSES MemberRehabilitation for Wisconsin in Action (RFWiA) is a proud member of ACCSES, a national organization located in Wahsington DC that promotes and enhances community-based solutions that maximize employment and independent living opportunities for people with disabilities.


Terry Farmer (photo below) is the CEO of ACCSES. Thomas Cook, executive director of RFWiA, is a member of the ACCSES Board of Directors.


ACCSES represents top-quality organizations that efficiently and effectively serve hundreds of thousands of individuals with disabilities, and the families who love and support them, throughout the United States. Together with their state association relationships, ACCSES works with over 1,000 agencies to make sure that public policy addresses the needs of citizens with disabilities and the public and private service-delivery systems available for them. They believe in self-reliance, self-sufficiency and work. They contribute to our local economies and our social welfare.  ACCSES advocates for the ongoing improvement of supports and services provided by our members.
Terry Farmer, CEOIn their local communities, individuals with disabilities can choose from a variety of opportunities offered by ACCSES members to support their independence, productivity and inclusion in the mainstream of daily life.  ACCSES members are recognized for providing a broad array of support options offered under the strict oversight of federal, state, and local governments. They fight to protect these options!  ACCSES members are the backbone of community supports for individuals with the most significant disabilities. They are dedicated to preserving this safety net by raising funds and engaging in entrepreneurial enterprises to help finance our community programs.
ACCSES members typically are accredited by nationally recognized bodies that set high standards for the delivery of supports and services to consumers. They exemplify how public and private partnerships can meet local community needs.